Triton is a military race native to the seas. They hail from the elemental plane of water and are the guardians of the deep ocean floor. For centuries they waged wars against sea monsters such as Krakens, Behemoths, and Leviathans, forcing them into the darkened depths. Decreased activities of these sea monsters in the plane of water led to the discovery by the Tritons that the monsters had fled to another plane, the material plane of humans, elves, and dwarves.

When the Tritons discovered this, their strong sense of duty and responsibility made them leave their cities to come after the escaped monsters now ravaging the material plane. On arrival in the human world, they went after the escaped monsters and defeated them, while the rest were concealed. With their enemies conquered, some Tritons settled here to watch out for a possible return of these monsters. Tritons are friendly with creatures like hippocampi, sea lions and giant sea horses.

Important Details About Triton Race D&D 5e

Type:  Humanoid

Size:  Medium (Average height of 5ft (1.52m) which is slightly less than that of humans)

Skin Colour:   Silver, silver-blue

Hair Colour:   Deep blue, green-blue

Favoured Terrain: Although they are amphibious and capable of breathing both air and water, Tritons prefer life in the water and are well suited to life in the deepest abyss of the ocean.

Lifespan & Maturity: Tritons achieve maturity at about 15 years and have an average lifespan of 200 years.

Speed:  Base walking speed is 30 feet likewise swimming speed is also 30 ft.

Languages: Tritons can speak, read, and write Aquan, Common, & Primordial

Alignment: Neutral. As a militaristic race guarding the deepest and darkest reaches of the sea, Tritons typically gravitate towards lawful good. Their culture teaches them order and kindheartedness although they are extremely paranoid and will go to any length to protect themselves.

Ability Score Increases: For a Triton character, Strength, Constitution and Charisma scores are all increased by 1.

Dark vision:         Tritons are adapted for vision in dark environments such as those prevailing in shadowfell. They, however, cannot distinguish colours in darkness.

Thick Skin: They also have thick skins, developed in adaptation to the toxic swamps of shadowfell. They are resistant to poison damage and can ignore deficiencies resulting from toxic environments.

Control Earth and Water: Tritons are children of the sea who can summon the magic of elemental air and water. They can cast spells using Charisma. This trait allows them to cast Fog cloud, and from the 3rd level, they can cast Gust of Wind. Starting from the 5th level, Tritons can cast Wall of Water but once a spell is cast, they would have to wait till after a long rest before they can cast another.

Communicate With Aquatic Creatures: Tritons can communicate basic ideas with other aquatic life but are unable to understand the languages of these underwater creatures.

D&D Races Triton 5th Edition

What Do Tritons Look-like?

The upper half of a Triton resembles that of an aquatic elf while its lower half with scaly legs and webbed feet resembles that of a fish. They are of medium build, with an average height around 5ft. Their skin colour is silver or silver-blue while their hair colour is deep blue or green.

D&D Triton 5e Names

Triton names typically have 2 or 3 syllables. You can easily tell the sex of a Triton from the name as male and female triton names are distinguishable based on their endings. Male Triton names end with a vowel and the letter ‘’s’’ while female triton names end with the letter ‘n’. Triton surname is formed from their home protectorate’s name. This is done by adding a vowel followed by a “th” at the end of the name of the protectorate. Some examples of Triton names are provided below.

Female Triton Names: Asolyn, Wagren, Vlurradyn, Istumyn, Ulyn, Bhorlen, Atryn, Esunen, Fehnen, Alryn.

Male Triton Names: Adonis, Corus, Abystrus, Delnis, Jharvis, Linus, Rilmis, Dilgis, Radas, Dezes.

Triton Surnames: Luhmerath, Dhadurath, Povulnath, Madolath, Vodonzath, Eghosath, Mugexath, Sumonath, Medanath, Gebamnath.

If you are unable to come up with a cool Triton name on your own, you can easily get help over the internet by using available Triton name generators.

D&D 5e Triton Personality

To fully comprehend the personality of a Triton, think of elven pride and dwarf militarism. Tritons are a militaristic race who fight against legendary monsters, unlike dwarves who will fight fiercely to protect their mines and gold. Tritons will fight to protect and defend themselves as well as others even at the cost of their own lives.

Their pride stems from their long years of protecting the seas from krakens and other monsters. They have this huge expectation of people knowing of their great exploits at sea but unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Neither party has any idea of what each other’s history is like.

Tritons are anxious beings and are very paranoid of others but they generally mean well. They don’t talk much, generally trusting, and have an unhealthy obsession with small critters such as chipmunks. Tritons are self-absorbed but have a generous heart, and believe that other races deserve their protection. Also, they are unselfish and would gladly sacrifice for the common good. 

D&D 5e Triton Traits/Abilities

Amphibious: Tritons can function both in water and on land as they can breathe in air and water. Their swimming speed of 30ft is the same as the movement speed which means their function as effectively underwater as on land. This makes tritons a perfect race for underwater campaigns.

Ability To Cast Spells: Another impressive trait of tritons is their ability to cast spells by summoning the magic of both air and water.

Ability Score Increase: Triton is one of few races that give stat bumps in 3 different categories when playing as them. Most other races will give you a plus in only 2 categories, +2 in a main category and +1 in a secondary category. When playing as a triton, you get a +1 in strength, constitution, and charisma. This can have a significant impact on your game.

Survive The Depths of The Ocean: Tritons are very well at home in the deepest reaches of the ocean, surviving the extreme cold. Of course, they are the guardians of the depths so it is only logical that they can thrive under deep underwater environments.

Communicate With Aquatic Beasts: Tritons have a cordial relationship with aquatic animals and can communicate simple ideas with them. Unfortunately, this communication is only unidirectional as Tritons cannot understand these sea creatures in return.

Not Great Explorers: Although they can function both in water and on the surface, most tritons have never journeyed to the surface before due to their thinking that they cannot move easily out of water. This thinking is false.


Playing D&D as a Triton can be quite fun. The ability to cast spells and also function both in and outside water can open your mind to endless possibilities when playing the game. For all their pride and self-absorbedness, Tritons would not hesitate to sacrifice themselves for the common good which is a huge plus. Hope you had fun reading this piece and are eager to role-play your new Triton character.

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