Misty Step 5e Guide: How to Use Misty Step?

Let us begin by creating a scenario of why you may want to use the Misty Step spell and how handy it will be on rainy days.

You and your party members engaged in tough combat and things did not go well. Now you’re running back to safety. Of course, we live to fight another day. But unfortunately while at it, you encountered a ton of monsters. Somehow other party members found a means to get past these monsters. You’re left alone, frightened, low on hit points, and hopeless.

Your friends are now in safety and they planned on how to rescue you but then, there are limited resources and your doom is imminent. How are you going to scale through the obstacle?

But then you check to see if you still have some spells in your possession. Voila, you do. A misty Step spell. What is even this spell, who can use this spell, and what are the necessary components needed to pull the trigger? In this article, we will get you started so that you can utilize this spell effectively in similar situations.

The misty step spell helps you teleport from one place to another. Remember Teleport? (a spell that transports you and eight other creatures of your choice within sight range to your selected destination). The Misty step spell also teleports you from one place to another. If you must do well in the Dungeons and Dragons game, this spell is one of the key spells to wield because it helps you to steer clear from harm’s way.

What is the Misty Step Spell?

The Misty step spell is a second-level conjuration spell found in the player’s handbook. Misty Step allows you to teleport from one place to another. While covered by silvery mist, you teleport up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space you can see.

Here are the Statistics of the Misty step spell culled from the Player’s handbook.

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Spell level: 2nd Level

School: Conjuration

Casting Time: 1 bonus action

Range: Self

Components: V

Duration: Instantaneous

Class: Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard

Damage/Effect: None

Attack/Save: None

Misty Step Spell 5e

As we stated earlier, this spell is a second-level conjuration spell that can be used only by the spell caster. Unlike the Teleport spell that can be used to teleport a maximum of eight members and an object. The component required to cast this spell is only the verbal component. This makes it even easier to use. The caster just has to say a word to trigger the potency of the spell. The effect of the spell is instantaneous and this quality shines especially when you need to be out of the environment.

How to use Misty Step Spell

Here are the following steps to be taken to effectively use the Misty Step Spell.

  • The spell caster must have this spell in their spell list arsenal.
  • There must be an available level two spell slot to use this spell. This is because the Misty step spell is a level two spell. However, the Misty Step spell can be cast with a higher level spell slot other than that of the Level two.
  • The caster must have an available bonus action to use the spell on. This spell cannot be cast as an action. Keep in mind that bonus actions can only be performed once per turn.
  • Since this spell needs the vocal component to work, the caster should be able to speak. This is because the spell will not work if the caster fails to mutter some abracadabra to trigger the spell.
  • The caster must choose and unoccupied location which must be up to 30ft range from the caster. This unoccupied location must be a place that is within the caster’s sight range.
  • The caster must have to use their bonus action to cast the spell.

Who can take Misty Step?

The following classes can use the Misty Step spell in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. The Sorcerers, Warlocks, and Wizards. However, this spell is not only reserved for these three classes alone. There are some races that could perform this spell

Is Misty step spell good?

Just like every other spell, the Misty step spell has its advantages as well as its disadvantages. However, their advantages are enormous and outweigh the disadvantages. This is why you should even use this spell in the first place because you need to know that the net pros outweigh the net cons.

Where the Misty Step spell shines

First off, the spell only needs the verbal component to be effective. Once you say the word, you will be able to teleport yourself 30 feet from your present environment to a place within eye range. This is very useful especially when your hands are bound. With this spell, just with the words of mouth, you can make it work.

The Misty step spell is cast as a bonus action. This means that you could do several other things such as casting another spell, using a weapon, and still using your Misty step spell to teleport yourself.

This spell also allows you to teleport to places that you can see. This reduces the risk of arriving at false destinations just like in teleportation.

Furthermore, if you have difficulties climbing a cliff, this spell will help you get there instantaneously provided you can see the cliff.


Since this spell falls in the verbal spell component, it cannot work if the spell caster cannot talk. The inability to talk may be a result of a spell on the caster. 

This spell will not do the trick especially when the caster cannot see a place to teleport to due to the fact that places within his sight range are still filled with enemies and monsters. 

The Misty Step spell may be unable to take you home safely especially if your home is not in range. Sometimes you just want to go home and not seek safety in some sort of place.

Misty Step spell can only teleport the spell caster. There are instances where you’re with your party members and you need to teleport everyone out of the sure situation. This would be possible with the teleport spell but not the Misty step spell.


Can I Misty step with a party member?

The answer is a No. The misty step spell only allows for the teleportation of one person. You cannot carry a member nor can u teleport an object with you.

Can I misty step into the air?

Yes, it is possible to misty step into the air provided that it is an unoccupied space and that the space in the air can be seen by you. However, if you are incapable of flying or levitating in the air or have a means of maneuvering gravity, you will fall on the ground before you know it.

How long does Misty step take to work?

This is an instantaneous spell. The moment you have all the ingredients required for the teleportation, you will be well on your way.

Can the Misty spell be rendered null and void by a spell?

Yes. In fact, you should be super careful. If for some reason you are silenced by another spell, you cannot use the Misty step spell.

Is misty step a reaction or a Bonus?

The Misty step is a spell that is cast using your bonus action. Therefore, you cannot cast the spell using a reaction or a bonus.

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