Goblins are ugly monstrous creatures in appearance. They have ascribed conflicting abilities. They are well known for their love for shiny elements such as gold and diamonds and are seen flaunting these objects once in their possession. Goblins are lacking in strength.

However, they are sly and get you to do their bidding with their cunning skills. If you are looking for such a character in your Dungeons and Dragons game, they are one of the best you should think about. They are masters of shenanigans. Nevertheless, Goblins behave badly and the last thing you want to do is have one around you. They are viscerally revolting.

Goblin Language D&D 5e

If you are a lover of the Dungeons and Dragons game, speaking Goblin is one of the abilities you want to include in your skillset. By learning more languages you will enhance your character levels. You will be getting information to this effect to help you in your game and afterward improve your general performance.

The Goblins, Hobgoblins, Bugbears are the speakers of the Goblin language. This language is referred to as Ghukliak.

Goblin Language Numbers D&D 5e

  1. EN: ONE
  2. DUT: TWO
  4. FUR: FOUR
  5. VIV: FIVE
  6. ZIK: SIX
  9. NIN: NINE
  10. DES: TEN

Just like in the English language and many other languages, higher-order numbers are gotten by concatenating the basic numbers one (1) to ten (10). To create a two-digit number in the Goblin tongue, you will concatenate the respective basic goblin numeral.

When you are doing an addition operation on the basic goblin numeral, the smaller numeral goes before the bigger one. However, when doing ‘a number of tens’ operations, the reverse becomes the case. Don’t worry if you find the explanation knotty as I will be giving you examples to get you started. Brace yourself!

Here is an example

Consider the numbers 15 and 50

15 in Goblin is DesViv that is Des (10) “+” Viv (5) = Desviv

50 in Goblin is VivDes that is Viv (5) “number of tens” Des (10) = Vivdes

Now am sure you are beginning to make sense out of it. One more example to get you set.

Let’s consider the numbers 14 and 43

14 in Goblin is Desfur that is Des (10) “+” Fur (4) = Desfur

30 in Goblin is TrisDes that is Tris (3) “number of tens Des” (10) = Trisdes

Some may have contrary views to this method of Goblin numeracy. However, we relapse to the “in every rule there is an exception”.

Letters of the Goblin Alphabet

The Goblin letters are highly related to the English alphabet but there are few exceptions.

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The English alphabet:

A b c d e f g h I j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

The Goblin alphabet:

ae b c d e f g h ti j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x rit z

Some words in English and Goblin


Formation of simple sentences in English and Goblin with the above words

You are welcomeKahl ha dos
How are youKo ha kahl
I am fineTi ja sun

To learn any language, constant practice is key. You can learn more by using Lingojam English to Goblin translator. This translator will help you get the Goblin equivalent of your English words.


Now you can understand the Goblin language of D&D 5e better as translations of some common Goblin words to English have been provided in this post. Also, a link to a Goblin translator is provided if you need to translate more words.

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