Gnomish Language 5e

Language is the very bedrock of the Dungeons and Dragons games. It is used to communicate with your party members and significant others. If you also need to pass a message to a party member in the midst of enemies, you could use a language that they don’t understand. Furthermore, we know that spells are the life of the game. It brings out the spice in the game. However, most of these spells require the verbal component to be cast. You must be able to speak a language to trigger a spell. This is why languages are important.

What is Gnomish Language?

The Gnomish language is also known as Gnim, was spoken by the Gnomes in the Dungeons and Dragons games. This language has a basic structure and fluid tones.

Language: Gnomish

Script: Dethek

Spoken by: Gnomes

English to Gnomish Translator

We have provided you with an English to Gnomish Translator. This will help you learn the Gnomish language.

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