Gnolls are elemental forces of nature. They were created by the god Yeenoghu to reap devastation on the planet. Gnolls can read, write, and communicate, but they do that solely to teach future generations to kill and survive. Gnoll was the original language of the Gnolls and of the Flinds. It sounds like barks but the barks are not representative of the low common words and also likely to represent remnants of the original gnoll language 5e.

The Gnoll language is likely a dialect of Low Common because the main language of the gnoll race is specified to be Low Common and some however speak a form of broken Common. If Gnoll is not a dialect of Low Common, it would be an obscure or obsolete language used by the gnoll race.

Gnoll Language

Gnolls believed that their language was a gift to them from Yeenoghu “a gnoll-like creature” who is a demon lord and whom the gnolls worship and revere. Gnoll was however influenced by abyssal language and this wasn’t a complete one but able to communicate some basic concepts and this language consists of cackling, howling, and whining. The Gnoll 5e words are mixed with the broken version of the abyssal language.


Gnolls are an indisciplined race. Their frenzied bloodlust makes them enemies to all and sundry. When there is no war to be fought, or conquest to be won, Gnolls are seen fighting with themselves. They rule by strength, fear, and intimidation. They fight battles of numbers and intimidate their opponents with their teeming population. They have hatred and utter dislike for the Humans, Demi-humans, goblins, giants, etc. Gnolls are carnivores and they depend on warm-blooded animals for nourishment.


The Elves, bugbears, Chondalwood, goblins, orcs and half-orcs, and Lizardfolks speak Gnoll as their secondary language.


The Gnoll language has no true script or written form. This may be because the Gnolls have little or no interest in written literature. In their spare time, they rather engage in combat among themselves. Many people have considered and have seen this as a turn-off. However, the fight is a form of expressing their kindred spirit sort of and having fun as well. It is pertinent to mention that some Gnolls were knowledgeable enough to write Abyssal.


It has also been rumored that Yeenoghu sometimes blesses a follower with a special name after meeting specific requirements doing his bidding such as involving in the butchery of other races, displaying great skills such as trickery and subtlety in combat. Here is the list of some masculine names in the gnoll language, Lask Gnyrn, Gnasc, Lhyr, Doric, Brask, Hett, and Malgna

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