The Gnoll 5e is the language of the Gnolls and Flinds. This language has no true script or written form. However, some Gnolls were intelligent enough to write in Abyssal language. It is a combination of snarls, barks, howls, and body language.

Language: Gnoll

Influenced by: Abyssal

Spoken by: Gnolls

Apart from the Gnoll, Intelligent and well-traveled Gnoll can speak the Common language. Less intelligent gnolls can try but they struggle with the common language. This may be linked to the fact that their life expectancy is no more than 30 years approximately. This time is not enough for them to learn new languages and master them.

Does Gnolls Speak Gnoll and Abyssal?

Shrewd Gnolls such as their leaders could speak a form of Abyssal language. When Gnoll leaders must share complex concepts with each other, they use a broken form of the Abyssal language which they got from Yeenoghu.

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