The history of the Githyanki and Gitzerai

The history of the DND Githyanki race is rooted in the cruel twist of the fate of the Giths. Inspired by the great Geet, the leader who gave the name to the race, they rose to overthrow the mind flayers who enslaved them.

However, after conquering and gaining freedom, the two factions of the Gith were unable to agree on what kind of civilization they would build. This disagreement quickly turned into open hostility, and the two groups drifted apart to pursue their own goals separately. Now they remain the fiercest enemies, and each side is always ready to fight to the death if their path crosses.

The DND Githyanki race was motivated by vengeance and a belief that they had the authority to seize whatsoever they desired from the lands they traversed.

From the expansive city of Tu’narat which is located on the Astral Plane, the githyanki raiders set out to loot from the Material Plane and other worlds, bringing slaves and treasures back to their timeless state. At the same time, they also hunt mind flayers, killing them whenever possible in revenge for what the illithids have done to them in the past.

The Gitzerai sect thinks that the road to enlightenment is one of isolation rather than fighting wars. Their dedication to the principles of order is so strong that they can manipulate chaos to their advantage, so they carved out completely isolated fortresses for themselves on the Limbo Plan. Although the Gitserai are pacifist by nature, they share the Githyanki’s racial hatred of the mind flayers and sometimes dispatch troops to destroy the illithid outposts.

The combined strength of the Gith could shift the scales in their favour if the two races band together against the illithids. However, securing the final triumph over the first shared adversary will not be possible until the DND Githyanki race and the Gitserais release go of each other’s necks.


You can always create a git character using the features listed below.

In as much as there is an arithmetic increase in your intelligence characteristics by 1 basis point.

Age: The Giths come of age in their late teens and live for about a century.

Size: The Giths are taller and slimmer than humans, and can grow up to 6 feet in height.

Speed:  The pace at which you can move is 30 feet..

Languages: You can speak, read and write in General and Gitsky.

Subraces: Giths are divided into two types: gitserai and githyankis.


Having conquered, and gained their freedom from the mind flayers, the githyanki race became corrupt raiders and devastators led by the terrifying queen, the lich Vlaakit. She lives on the Astral Plane in the city of Tu’narat, built on and in the corpse of a deity. Vlaakit rules the Gytyanki loyal to her from his stronghold of Susurrus, located deep within the flying city and the Whisper Palace. She sits right on the Bone Throne, a powerful artifact powered by the intelligence of mind flayers and elder brains captured by her minions. It is crafted from the skulls and limbs of the mind flayers, and the pillow she sits on is crafted from the tanned skin of the elder brain.

The monumental statue of the Geet is over 100 feet high near the palace. Githyankis are cruel, they are raised as warriors from childhood. The githyanki have series of names that differentiates their males from females.

Various names for either male and female Githyanki

Male Githyanki names: Elirdain, Kyuit, Gaat, Viran, Lycus, Zamodas, Ris’a’an, Ya’adok, Tropos, Kar’i’nas.

Female Githyanki names: Aaril, Fenelzi’ir, Vaira, Jen’lig, Yissune, Quorstil, B’nur, Sirrut,  Pah’zel, Zar’rit.

Worldview: Githyanki race is more of law-abiding characters obsessed with an evil worldview. They are very aggressive, arrogant and they only remain loyal servants of their Lich Queen, Vlaakit. While githyanki apostates only strive for chaos.

Self-indulgent craftsmanship: In the seemingly everlasting city of Tu’narat, the Gytyanka has a whole lot of time to learn something. You will certainly have to learn one language of your choice and must become proficient in one skill or any tool of your choice.

Military education is a must, and you must learn to wield light and medium armor, short, long, and two-handed swords.

Githyanki psionics: You need to know the mage hand conspiracy, which makes the hand invisible whenever you cast a spell using either of these abilities.

Upon reaching 3rd level, you will be able to cast a jump spell once using this trait. Upon reaching 5th level, you can also cast a misty step spell with this ability.

Once you cast any of these spells in any of these levels or stages, you must take an extended break for your character to cast these spells once again. The base stats required for these spells is Intelligence, and spells cast with this ability do not require any material components as a prerequisite.

Individual features of the githyanki race and their Peculiarity

  1. When I’m bored I worry, and I’m always bored.
  2. I treat others like they are animals that deserve nothing more.
  3. Cruelty is the spice that makes life worth living.
  4. Old age is what fascinates me. Maybe someday I will be old too.

The ideals of the githyanki women

  1. Loyalty – Warriors are good as long as their vows are strong.
  2. Power – The weak rule the strong.
  3. Duty – I follow the will of Vlaakit.
  4. Freedom – No strong soul should be in captivity, so it is better to die free than to live as a slave.

The affections and Attachment of the githyanki’s

  1. No responsibilities are more important than serving the Honored Queen. 
  2. Humanity is thriving only because we have defeated the illithids. Therefore, what belongs to them belongs to us.
  3. Life is just a spark in the dark. We will all go into darkness, but until then we must burn brighter.
  4. There is no point in life without a battle.

Weaknesses of the githyanki race

  1. Hunger and thirst bring me unbearable suffering.
  2. I do not consider non-githyank women to be a serious threat.
  3. I follow orders, regardless of their consequences.
  4. I start things, but I never finish them.

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