Giant was one of the oldest active languages and a derivative of the Primordial language. The giant language oftentimes referred to as  Jotun by its speakers, was the ancient language of most giants written with Dethek runes. It was believed that the language shared some of its roots with Common and Thorass.

Script: Giant

Spoken By: Giants; ogres; drow


Here are the cardinal numbers in Giant:

  1. et
  2. to
  3. tre
  4. fir
  5. fem
  6. sek
  7. sju
  8. att
  9. ni
  10. tier

The number 100 is “hund” and one thousand “tusen”. Numbers after ten were formed simply by following ten with the next digit, as in tier et, that is, there was no separate word for eleven to the number nineteen. 50 and 60 were represented with fem tier and sek tier just as with most languages. The only ordinal number known to scholars was stot, “second”.

Giant Translator

English Language (Common)

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Giant Language 5e

a b c d e f g h am j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

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Giant Primary Races

Each of the large primary races– the cloud, fire, frost, hillside, rock, and tornado giants– are associated by standard components of background, religion, as well as culture. They see one another as a hundred, keeping any inherent displeasure over the region as well as the aspiration to a minimum.

Giants come from a caste framework called the ordning. Based upon the social course and extremely arranged, the ordning assigns a social rank per private giant. By recognizing its location in the ordning, each large knows which various other titans are inferior or superior to it, considering that no two giants are equal. Here are some of the primary Giant races.

Hill Giant

Hill Giants are the tiniest of the titans and measure about 16’ tall. They are ruthless creatures that consume whatever they can get their hands on. These can be livestock such as hens, cats, and plants.

Fire Giant

Fire giants are broader than the various other Giant they share 2nd area with. However, they appear to be a little bit a lot squatter, because an 18-foot high beast can be considered “squat.” These are the smiths and crafters and also forge tenders of the giants. Their craftsmen are good at producing weapons.

Frost Giant

The Viking giants. They average around 21 feet high and are taller than the Hill Giants  They are raiders with hearts of ice that stay in wintry lands where they adhere to the leadership of effective jarls, as well as benefit Belethor at the primary goods store.

Cloud Giant

Cloud Giants just like the Goblins have an eye for beautiful and shiny objects such as pieces of jewelry, coins, etc. They like to live a life of luxury free from suffering and want. Like dragons, they covet wealth and also power, but it’s not just about getting essential things. Stacks of cash do them no good– they are instead everything about conspicuous consumption.  At 24 feet, a Cloud Giant towers over practically everybody– except if they were near the Empire State developing it would undoubtedly be about fifty times as high as they are, so even if you’re massive points still aren’t always huge.

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