Dwarvish Language 5e

Language is the very bedrock of the Dungeons and Dragons games. It is used to communicate with your party members and significant others. If you also need to pass a message to a party member in the midst of enemies, you could use a language that they don’t understand.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Dungeons and Dragons Dwarvish Language 5e.

What is Dwarvish Language?

Dwarvish is the language that is used by the Dwarves in the Dungeons and Dragons games. It is the name given to the family of languages used by the Dwarves. The language followed dwarves all over Faerûn and beyond, making it an extremely widespread language.

What Languages use the Dwarvish Script?

The Dwarvish language used the ancient runic script called Dethek. Languages such as the Giant, Gnome, Goblin, Terran, and some human languages also use this Script.

Dethek Alphabet

How does my character get their language?

When you choose your character’s race, you will gain a number of languages. Most races learn two languages. However, some races like the Firbolgs and Elves may learn three. However, for some races, you don’t have control over the languages you are going to learn.

Dialects of Dwarvish Language

The Dwarvish language is an ancient language and throughout the years, it has acquired a bunch of dialects. These dialects include; Kurit, Liftspeak, Duergan, Shanatan, Authalan and Galenan.

Dwarvish Language Translator

Here is the Common-Dwarvish language translator. You can translate from common to Dwarvish and vice versa.

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