Draconic is the language of dragons, an impressive serpentine race and one of the oldest living races. The dragon god Io is credited with creating the draconic script, lokharic. Draconic is one of the oldest languages in the mortal world and dragons believe that every other mortal tongue was derived from draconic.

Draconic is so ancient that some believe that ignidracos, one of the ancestors of true dragons created the language. Apart from dragons, reptilian races and races with dragon ancestry also speak draconic. Typical speakers of this language will then include Dragons, Dragonborn, Lizardfolk, Wyverns, Troglodytes, and Kobolds.

As expected of every language spoken widely, draconic has several dialects. Common dialects of draconic are Tymantheran and Yipyak. The language has remained mostly unchanged since its creation. The only known variant of draconic is Aragrakh.

Speaking Draconic

Draconic Dialects

As a language spoken by several races, it is expected that there would be minor variations in the language as spoken by the different races although they all have a common base. Variations in the tongue can be observed even among the different types of dragons. Amongst chromatic dragons, different dialects were spoken with minute variations from the original tongue in what can be called regional accents.

Metallic dragons, on the other hand, all spoke with a uniform tongue. Dragons living in Laerakond also had a unique dialect which they called Aklave. The Aklave dialect is quite similar to the Torilian dialect that if you can speak one fluently, you would understand the other. The Dragonborn race has its draconic dialect known as Tymantheran likewise, the Kobolds spoke a form of draconic called Yipyak.


Dragonborn of Tymanther spoke a regional dialect of draconic called Tymantheran. It is said to be more nasal and sounds softer than the original draconic. Tymantheran words have elongated syllables and are based on the Aklave, the draconic dialect from Abeir.


Kobolds speak draconic with an accent that sounds like the yapping of a dog, hence the name yipyap.

Is Draconic a Real Language?

Yes, it is the language of dragons, races with dragon ancestry, and reptilian races in D&D. It is an ancient mortal language from which every other mortal language was derived as believed by dragons.

How Does Draconic Sound?

Dragons are serpentine so it is expected that they make hissing sounds. Draconic therefore sounds like hissing but can also sound like a beast clearing its throat. Draconic words are emphasized on the first syllable and speakers of the language are known to convey important ideas by emphasizing the beginnings and ends of words.

This emphasis is used by dragons to make threats, give commands, warn or simply make points. The language has rich phonology with more contrasting sounds than English but with fewer vowels.

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Draconic Alphabet  

Below are the alphabets of the draconic language as well as that of the English language. This is for easy translation of words from draconic to English, and vice-versa.

English Alphabet: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Draconic Alphabet: E b c d e f g h se j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Draconic is based on the Iokharic script which is shown in the image below. It has 27 alphabets and writing in Roman letters is possible.

How to Pronounce Draconic Letters


(A, a) is always pronounced /a/ except in the digraph (ae) which is pronounced /æ/. This alphabet may be doubled to lengthen the vowel (⟨aa⟩ – /aː/) but the digraph (ae) cannot be lengthened.


The draconic pronunciation of the letter (B, b) is /b/.


Pronounced /kʷ/ on its own, but in the digraph ⟨ch⟩, it is pronounced /x/. When preceded by (K, k), (C, c) is pronounced /x/.


Letter (D, d) is pronounced simply as /d/.


(E, e) is usually pronounced /e/ except when followed by (a) where it is pronounced as (i). In draconic, letter (E, e) may be doubled to lengthen the vowel (⟨ee⟩ – /eː/).


The letter (F, f) is pronounced /f/ and when doubled, it is pronounced /fː/.


(G, g) is usually pronounced /g/ and occurs in the following digraphs: (gh) which is pronounced /ɣG,  (gn) pronounced /ɲ/, and (ng) pronounced /ŋ/.


(H, h) is pronounced /h/.

The letter (‘) is a draconic letter pronounced /ʔ/. It is never used at the start of a word and is written as an apostrophe in the roman transcription of draconic.


(I, i) is normally pronounced /i/, but decays to /j/ when it occurs before a vowel. This letter may be doubled to lengthen the vowel (⟨ii⟩ – /iː/).


Pronounced /ʒ/ except in the digraph ⟨jh⟩ which is pronounced /ʝ/.


(K, k) in draconic is pronounced /k/, but is pronounced /kʰ/ but in the digraph (kh).


The letter (L, l⟩ is pronounced /l/. In the digraph ⟨lh⟩ in which it also occurs, it is pronounced /ɬ/.


(M, m) is pronounced /m/ in draconic.


(N, n) is pronounced /n/ but when followed by (K, k) is pronounced /ŋ/. It also occurs in some in digraphs where the pronunciation changes. In ⟨gn⟩, pronounced /ɲ/; and in ⟨ng⟩ pronounced /ŋ/.


The letter ⟨O o⟩ is usually pronounced /o/. In the digraph ⟨oe⟩ however, it is pronounced /ɘ/. It is possible to double this letter to lengthen the vowel (⟨oo⟩ – /oː/). Digraph ⟨oe⟩ cannot be lengthened.


Letter (P, p) is pronounced /p/. It also occurs in the digraph (ph) which is pronounced /pʰ/.


This letter is pronounced /q/, except in the digraph (qh) which is pronounced /qʰ/.


(R, r) pronounced /r/, except in the digraph (rh) which is pronounced /ʀ/. (R, r) can be doubled which in this case is pronounced /ʁ/.


(S, s) is pronounced /s/ but occurs in the following digraphs where the pronunciation changes. (sj), pronounced /ç/; (sv), pronounced /sʷ/; (sh), pronounced /ʃ/. You can double (S, s) either alone or in any of these digraphs to lengthen the sound. In this case, ⟨ss⟩ = /sː/, ⟨ssj⟩ = /çː/, ⟨ssv⟩ = /sʷː/, ⟨ssh⟩ = /ʃː/.


The letter (T, t) is pronounced /t/ but occurs in the digraph (th), pronounced /θ/. Letter (T, t) can be doubled and is pronounced /tʰ/ in this case.


Letter ⟨U, u⟩ is pronounced /u/. When doubled to lengthen the vowel it becomes (⟨uu⟩ – /uː/).


In draconic, the letter (V, v) is normally pronounced /v/ but it exists in the digraph (vh) which is pronounced /ʍ/.


(W, w) is pronounced /w/.


(X, x) is pronounced /ks/.


Letter (Y, y) is pronounced /j/ but is pronounced /ai/ when adjacent to a consonant.


The letter (Z, z) in draconic is pronounced /z/.

Draconic Translator

English translation of some popular draconic words is provided below. If you wish to translate more words, you can use the draconic translator on www.draconic.twilightrealm.com/ to do so. This translator has draconic translations of close to 8000 English words.

Draconic                                             English


Aan                                                      An

Aak                                                      Guide

Aal                                                       May

Aaz                                                      Mercy

Aav                                                      Join

Achthend                                             Food

Achuak                                                          Green

Aesthyr                                                          Female

Adulese                                               Serpent

Ag                                                       Burn

Ah                                                       Hunter

Ahmul                                                           Husband

Ahraan                                              Wound

Ahrol                                                   Hill

Ahrk                                                    And

Ahst                                                     At

Ahkrin                                                Courage

Ahzid                                                   Bitter

Al                                                        Destroyer

Alok                                                    Arise

Alok-dilon                                           Necromancy

Alun                                                    Ever

Arcaniss                                               Magic

Arux                                                    Valley

Aryte                                                   War

Askk                                                    Love

Athear                                                 Celestial

Aujir                                                    Bronze

Aurix                                                   Gold

Aus                                                      Suffer

Aussir                                                  White

Axun                                                   Yes


Baeshra                                                Animal

Bah                                                      Wrath

Bahlok                                                 Hunger

Banaar                                                Humble’

Bein                                                     Foul

Bensvelk                                              Good

Bex                                                      Open

Bensveik                                              Good

Beyn                                                    Scorn

Brendon                                               Specter

Brii                                                      Beauty

Brit                                                      Beautiful

Bodiis                                                            Borrow

Bormah                                               Father

Bovul                                                   Flee/Fled

Boziik                                                  Bold/Boldly

Briinah                                                 Sister

Buala                                                   Cloak


Caesin                                                Forest

Caex                                                    Sword

Charir                                                  Red

Clax                                                     Take


Darastrix                                              Dragon

Durah                                                  Bribe

Daar                                                     King

Daariv                                                  Queen

Dask                                                    Mother


Earenk                                                 Tomorrow

Edar                                                     Earth

Ekess                                                   To

Eorikc                                                   Year

Erekess                                             Through


Faessi                                                   Coward


Garurt                                                  Axe

Gethrisj                                                Go

Ghent                                                   After

Ghontix                                             Ogre

Ghoros                                                  Before

Ghergo                                                 Young

Gul                                                      Cold

Gix                                                      Claw

Gixustrat                                              Gut

Grovisv                                                Wood

Gix                                                      Claw


Haurach                                               Fate

Hurthi                                                    Fortress

Hysvear                                                 Soar

Hesjing                                                  Water


Iba                                                       Fiery

Iejir                                                      Blood

Ierikc                                                   Century

Iejir                                                      Blood

Ihk                                                       For

Ilache                                                   South

Ir                                                         One

Irlym                                                   Enemy

Irral                                                     First

Itmen                                                   Bright

Irisv                                                     Heal

Irlym                                                   Enemy

Irthos                                                   Secret

Isthasy                                               Brother

Isk                                                       Star

Ixen                                                     Fire


Jennu                                                   Great

Jhank                                                   Hammer

Juanth                                                   Old


Kaegro                                                 Undead

Karif                                                    Far

Katima                                                 Servant

Kear                                                     Day

Kepesk                                                  Storm

Kluchuduun                                         Colour

Korth                                                   Danger

Kovgam                                             Metal

Kothar                                               Demon

Kurik                                                   Slaughter


Lauth                                                   Few

Levex                                                  Enchanted

Leirith                                                   Near

Litrix                                                   Armour

Loex                                                    Dead

Loreat                                                   Die

Losvir                                                Bane


Maekrix                                               Leader

Majak                                                  Give

Malsvir                                              Evil

Martivir                                               Peace

Maurg                                                Breed

Miirik                                                  Song

Molik                                                   Skin/Hide

Mrith                                                   With

Munthrek                                             Human

Myvish                                                Sister

Myvillion                                             North


Nao                                                      Wise

Ner                                                      Spear

Noach                                             Wealth

Nurh                                                    Ugly


Ocuir                                                   See

Ominak                                             Name

Onureth                                               Under

Okarthel                                               Home

Osvith                                                  Flee

Oposs                                                  Rain

Orn                                                      Silver

Ossalur                                               Travel

Othokent                                              Smart

Oth                                                      Tooth

Opsola                                                Father


Pab                                                      Water

Persvek                                                In

Plythu                                                  Weak

Pok                                                      Stop

Pothoc                                                Stupid


Qeelal                                                  Quick

Qumado                                               Sea


Rach                                                    Copper

Rauhiss                                               Halfling

Rhyaex                                                Meat

Rasvim                                                Treasure

Renthisj                                               Speak

Rhyvos                                                 Cow


Sauriv                                                   Eye

Sargt                                                    Guardian

Shafaer                                                On

Shar                                                     But

Shehad                                                Royal

Siksta                                                   Sun

Sjach                                                    Shadow

Sjerit                                                    Yet

Sjek                                                     If

Sjir                                                       Scroll

Srica                                                    Charm

Ssissth                                                 Ruler

Ssifisv                                                  Rest

Sthyr                                                    Male

Sunathaer                                          Cleric

Sveargith                                             Bravery

Svent                                                   Kill/Arrow

Sverak                                                Nightvision

Svern                                                   Above


Ternesj                                                     Stone

Terunt                                              Gnome

Thadarsh                                              Pillage

Thurirl                                                Friend/Friendly

Thrae                                                   Air

Thric                                                    No

Throden                                               Many

Thur                                                    Nor

Thurgix                                                Crippled

Thurkear                                              Night

Tobor                                                  Li

Tilabil                                                  Elder

Trekis                                                  Breath

Tundar                                               Dwarf

Tuor                                                    Want

Turalisj                                                  Big


Ukris                                                   Talk

Ulhar                                                   Blue

Unsinti                                                Beside

Usk                                                      Iron

Usv                                                      Or

Urathear                                               Deity

Ustrat                                                   Fly

Ux                                                       Platinum


Valignat                                               Burn

Vaecaesin                                            Elf

Vaeri                                                    Dance

Vargach                                               Battle

Valeij                                                   Bleed

Vargach                                               Battle

Vemcin                                                   Giant

Versvesh                                              Strong

Versel                                                Powerful

Verthicha                                             Mountain

Vhir                                                     Below

Vignar                                                 Ash

Virlym                                                  Thief

Vivex                                                   Victory

Vorel                                                   Beautiful

Vur                                                      And

Vrantvrak                                            Egg

Vutha                                                   Black

Vyth                                                    Steel


Waere                                                   Cave

Waeth                                                Bag

Weyog                                                 Poison

Wux                                                    You


Yrev                                                    Yellow

Yth                                                      We


Zara                                                     Behind

Zezhuanth                                            Ancient

Zyak                                                    So

Z’ar                                                     New

Writing Draconic

Writing in draconic is usually from left to right with one sentence per line. It is possible to write very short sentences on the same line, separated by large space. A sentence that is longer than a line will be wrapped and indented.

When writing draconic in roman letters, hyphens are often used to separate morphemes in compound words but this is not possible in the native Iokharic script as compound words are simply written with nothing between the morphemes.  In draconic, numerals are written using the base-10 place system, however, the most significant digit is written on the right, rather than the left.


Now you can understand the draconic language of D&D 5e better as translations of some common draconic words to English have been provided in this post. Also, a link to a draconic translator is provided if you need to translate more words.

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