Detect Thoughts 5e Guide

What you don’t know you can’t ruin!

The heart of creatures is filled with evil continually, who can know it? This is a very popular saying. However, it is true. You cannot ruin a plan if you don’t know the plan.

The ability to know what a creature is thinking would be a very important power to wield. This will make one with such ability untouchable. The Dungeons and Dragons have many creatures who are wolves in sheep clothing. Many foes disguised as friends.

The Detect thought spell 5e is one of the best spells to use. It gives you the ability to detect the thoughts of anyone whom this spell is cast upon. In this article, we will get you started on what the spell is all about, how to use it like a professional and you will be well on your way.

What is the Detect Thought Spell?

The detect Spell 5e is a powerful second-level divination spell. It involves detecting, reading, and probing thoughts in the area around you. This spell can be cast by a Sorcerer, bard, or a wizard. The caster also has to have the required ingredients required for the spell so as to be able to trigger it.

Detect Thought Statistics 5e Statistics from the Player’s handbook.

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Spell Level: Second Level

Casting Time: 1 action

Range: Self

Components: V, S, M

Duration: Concentration, Up to 1 minute

Classes: Sorcerer, Bard, Wizard

School: Divination


D&D Detect Thought Spell Attributes

Delving into the Detect Thought Spell

The Detect Thought is a Second-level divination spell. The spell is limited to the caster and it cost one action to cast. However, before the caster can pull off this spell, they should be able to speak freely, they should be able to move their hands, and they should also possess a copper piece which is the representative material component for the spell.

How does the Detect Thought Work?

The Detect Thought as the name suggests helps you detect, read and probe thoughts in the heads of any creature you cast this spell on which is in your sight range and 30 feet range. However, you have to be sure that this creature can speak a language and also has an intelligence of three. If these conditions are not met, the spell is terminated.

When probing the mind of a creature, absolute precautions should be taken so that the creature will not have the slightest inkling that its mind is being read. If the creature realizes that you are reading their mind, it can use an action to make an intelligence check against your intelligence check. If the creature succeeds, you are removed from its mind.

Who can use the Detect Thought spell?

Of course, not all classes can use the Detect thought Spell. This spell is available to the Bards, Sorcerers, and Wizards. Some subclasses can also use this spell for free they are; Sorcerer (Aberrant Mind) and the Great Old one Warlocks.

Detect Thought Rules 5e

The rules for the Detect Thought 5e are as follows;

  • When a creatures mind is being read, the creature doesn’t necessarily know the creature who is probing its mind.
  • It cost one action to read a creature’s thought who is in your sight range. However, when you cannot see the creature, it may cost 2 or more actions.
  • A creature will be aware that they are under the Detect Thought spell only when the spell caster probes deeper. As an action on your next turn, you can either move your focus to another creature or try to move deeper into the initial creature’s mind. Moving deeper requires the target to make a wisdom saving throw, and if it fails you learn the insight into its reasoning, how it is feeling emotionally, and anything large that is taking up its mind such as the creature’s regrets, things that they resent etc. However, if the check passes the spell ends.
  • You can decide to remain on surface thoughts without delving deeper. However, this surface thoughts can be very limiting as the very essence of our actions are laid in our very core.
  • You must be in the range of the creature you are reading. If for some reason you exceed the range, the spell will be severed.
  • How does the Intelligence check Work? Both spell casters are allowed to roll a d20 and add their respective intelligence modifiers. The highest number wins. Nevertheless, if the caster wins, the spell continues. However, if the target wins, the spell is terminated.
  • It does not work on creatures with an intelligence of 3 or lower and creatures who cannot speak at least a language.
  • 2 feet of rock and 2 inches of any metal but lead blocks the spell.

Are some creatures immune to Detect Thought spells?

Not all creatures can be probed. Some creatures are immune to this spell. These creatures include animals, the Undead, animated armors, and Trees. However, Demons, Vampire Lords, and Fiends have an uncanny way of detecting when things are awry. They may mask their thought the moment they notice that they are being read.


What are the cons of Detect Thought?

One of the greatest turns off of Detect Thought is the fact that the creature under the spell knows that you are using the spell on them. Also, not all creature’s mid can be probed. This is why you need to know those whose mind is immune to the Detect Thought Spell.

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