The Tabaxi 5e has the combined feature of humans and cats. The cat-like features on the body of a 5e Tabaxi includes, spots on their body, fur and yellow or green eyes. They are a mysterious race that migrated from a strange land. The 5e Tabaxi stands at an impressive height of 7 feet making them taller than the human race. Tabaxis are greet runners, climbers, swimmers and are flexible.

D&D 5e Tabaxi General Info

  • Languages: Common and one other language
  • Average Life Span: Less than 100 years
  • Activity Circle: Dark
  • Favored Climate: ..
  • Place of Birth: Foreign distant land
  • Favored Terrain: …
  • Size: Medium and slender
  • Tag: Cat
  • Type: Humanoid

D&D 5e Tabaxi Appearance Summary

  • Weight: 80 Kg
  • Height: 6 to 7 feet
  • Distinct Physique: Catlike face, black spots on yellow skin and tail.
  • Clans: Distant rain, Snoring Mountain, Bright Cliffs, Rumbling River.

D&D 5e Tabaxi Physical Description

The Tabaxi 5e are humanoids that has several catlike features. The Tabaxi is quite tall, and at adulthood they stand at an impressive 7 feet. Their body is slender like that of a human. Generally, they have a yellow fur with black spots all over. Finally, the Tabaxi have a long tail, a catlike face and sharp vision.

D&D Tabaxi As Wanderers

They are said to be mysterious creatures that originated from a distant land. They are known to live in clans. The Tabaxi are also good hunters that hunt for foods and goods. Their curiosity is the reason why most of them turn to wanderers. You can rightly say that most of them are nomadic in nature. They prefer to travel in small groups and have someone more experienced, usually an elder serve as the group’s guide.


It is not unusual to find a group of Tabaxi entertaining others with music, stage performance and tales of faraway lands. Despite that, most of them always find their way home in their later years and come bearing tales of the outside world. That way, although most Tabaxi prefer to remain in an enclosed circle, they are knowledgeable of happenings in the outer lands.

Breakdown of The Tabaxi Unique Physique and Features

Alignment: Chaotic Alignment and rarely evil.

Age: Tabaxi have the same lifespan similar to that of the humans.

Ability Score Increase: Dexterity score increases by 2. Charisma score increases by 1.

Child birth: Since the Tabaxi share more human character traits, they don’t give birth to litters as cats do. Rather they give birth to a kit or child.

Feline Agility: When using the Tabaxi character in the game, you have the ability to move faster with agility and reflexes. During a combat, you can possibly double your speed until you get to the end of the turn. Always note that, once you make use of this feature, you cannot use it again, until you have moved 0 feet on one of your turns.

Languages: They are known to speak, write and communicate in common language and any other language of the player’s choice.

Speed: Tabaxi are faster than other characters in the game. They have a speed of 30 feet for base walking.

Talent: They are known to be Stealth

Vision: Since the Tabaxi race have a catlike feature, it is only natural that they can see well in the dark. The Tabaxi can see objects of characters up to 60 feet away in the dark. When it is dark, the Tabaxi see things as if it’s with Dim light and when it is dim light, they see as if it’s with bright light. That is how sharp their vision is. Also know that the Tabaxi can’t make out colors in the dark. Everything appears as shades of gray.

Claws: The claws is another catlike feature that makes the Tabaxi unique. The Tabaxi’s claws come in handy as a weapon. You can make an unarmed strike, dealing a slashing damage that is equal to 1d4+ your Strength Modifier. Also, the claws enables the Tabaxi climb at the speed of 20 feet.  

D&D 5e Tabaxi and Knowledge

Unlike other characters that crave material things, the Tabaxi will rather go for knowledge. Little wonder they tend to study their environment careful enough to have tales that will last for a while. To them, goods don’t matter much because they are not really materialistic. If you are in a quest to finding the gold filled chest, then the Tabaxi is your best bet for the quest. It is best to point out that rather than focus on quest for material things, the Tabaxi will rather go on a quest to find magical items.

D&D 5e Tabaxi Names

The name a Tabaxi bear is determined by the prophecy, clan, astrology or other mystical factors. Both genders can bear the same name in the Tabaxi clan and some coin out nicknames from the combination of their names. These are some of the names and nicknames for the Tabaxi race.

  • Jade Shoe (Quade)
  • Smoking Mirror (Smoke)
  • Seven Thundercloud (cloud)
  • Skirts of Snakes (Snake)
  • Cloud on the Mountaintop (Cloud)
  • Left Handed Hummingbird (bird)

Tabaxi Obsessions

Knowing the Tabaxi obsessions will help you in the customization of your character in the game.


1     A God or Planar Diety

2.   Monster

3. A lost civilization

4. A wizard’s secrect

5. A mundane item

6. Magic item

7. Location

8. A legend or tale.

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