Since magic is used in the DND game spells are a very important part of the Dungeons and Dragons games. The 5e spells is used as a weapon against mystical creatures in the game. Different character race has their unique way of preparing spells. For a spell to work, the fictional character must know how to prepare the spell, prepare the spell and have the required slot for the spell.

D&D 5e Spell Classification

The 5e spells are classified into the following categories

  • Levels
  • School
  • Name

D&D 5e Spell Casting Components

There are some physical requirements a magical character must have in order to cast a spell. You will need one or more of the components below to cast a spell. A spell component can be

  • Verbal component (magic words)
  • Sermatic Component l(hand gestures)
  • Material components (an object)

5e Spell Casting Time

The spell casting time is simply the amount of time it takes to cast a spell. For some spells, it takes minutes while others take a longer time, like hours to cast.

5e Spell Duration

Also, there is spell duration, which length of time the effect of a spell lasts. Some spells are instantaneous, this means that the effect of the spell gets to disappear almost immediately.

In this post, we are compiling a list of hundreds of DND 5e Spells to help you make the most of your Dungeons and Dragons game

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