Common Language 5e

Language is the very bedrock of the Dungeons and Dragons games. It is used to communicate with your party members and significant others. If you also need to pass a message to a party member in the midst of enemies, you could use a language that they don’t understand. Furthermore, we know that spells are the life of the game. It brings out the spice in the game. However, most of these spells require the verbal component to be cast. You must be able to speak a language to trigger a spell. This is why languages are important.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the Dungeons and Dragons Common Language 5e.

What is Common Language?

Common is the language spoken by humans in D&D. It is the lingua franca of the Forgotten Realms and of most D&D settings. This is widely spoken in most role-play settings. Nearly everyone on the surface of Faerûn spoke Common as a second language, including non-humans.

How does my character get their language?

When you choose your character’s race, you will gain a number of languages. Most races learn two languages. However, some races like the Firbolgs and Elves may learn three.

However, for some races, you don’t have control over the languages you are going to learn. But not to worry, all races learn common. Maybe that’s where it got the name common.

The downside of common Language

The problem with common is that it is not spoken by only humans. All other sentient creatures could speak this language. However, it cannot be used to pass messages across in secrecy.

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