Paladin 5e Guide

So a friend of mine was creating a campaign and he was going to use a Paladin. What he said when it came to his mind was “Holiness mingled with havoc wrecking”. I paused for a while so that the statement will sink in. It really did make sense. If you are new to the … Read more


Minotaurs are tall stout humanoids with heads that resemble those of Bulls. They have very thick fur and possess horns that range in size and shape, large four-fingered hands, large cloven-hooved feet, and long tufted tails. In the 5th edition, DnD Minotaurs appeared as monster races in the Monster Handbook but more recently have appeared … Read more


Understanding The Dungeons & Dragons Game If you are someone that is fascinated with Dragons and other supernatural creatures, then this game is for you. The Dungeons and Dragons games, popularly known as D&D is a fantasy game originally released in 1971 by Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax. The D&D is a table-top game that … Read more