Auran Language 5e

Languages are indispensable in the Dungeons and Dragons game. Whether you want to communicate with your party members or you want to cast a spell that has a verbal component, you must have to be able to speak some form of language to achieve your aim.

In this article, we will be getting you started with the Auran language so that you will speak it like a pro. We will also supply you with the necessary things you need to know about this language. Let’s do this!

What is Auran 5e?

The Auran language was the language of the Elemental plane of air. This language is also known as Old Alzhedo. This is because the Alzhedo language which is widely spoken in Calimshan was derived from it.

Language Name: Auran

Language Family: Primordia

Script: Dwarvish

Widely spoken in Elemental Plane of Air.

Aquan Language 5e

Who speaks Auran?

Since the Auran language is widely spoken in the Elemental Plane of air, therefore creatures living in that plane will speak and understand Auran. These creatures include but are not limited to; Air elementals, Air Genasi, Smoke drakes, Djinni, Aaracokras, etc.

However, the Kenku could also understand Auran but could only produce speech through mimicry.

Aquan Language Translator

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