One of the major things you have to figure out before starting the game of Dungeons and Dragons is the Race. The D&D 5e race simply means the races of the creatures you are going to use to go through the adventures of the DND world. There are a lot of fantasy creatures to choose from. But before you have to understand that each race has unique sets of powers, abilities and skills.

In this post, we briefly introduce each of the 5e races and some of their basic skills. You may want to consult with the Dungeon Master and other players in the game before you make a choice of race for the game.


Complete List of The 5e Races

  • Aarokocra
  • Asimaar
  • Bugbear
  • Dragonborn
  • Dwarf
  • Elf
  • Feral Tielfling
  • Firblog
  • Genasi
  • Githyanki
  • Goblin
  • Kenku
  • Kobold
  • Lizardfolk
  • Half Orc
  • Gnome goliath
  • Half Elf
  • Hobgoblin
  • Human
  • ORC
  • Tabaxi
  • Tortle
  • Triton
  • Warforged
  • Yuan-ti Purebloods

Understanding The D&D 5e Races

DND 5e Aarokocra

Aarokocra 5e are monstrous humanoid creatures that are known to live in the mountains. Another name for the Aarokocra is the bird folk. These creatures are known to live in the elemental plane of the air. Also, the Aarokocra 5e are considered immigrants since they do not belong to mother earth. The Aarokocra character race are known as explorers and can be trusted to explore new horizons.

DND 5e Asimaar

Although The DND 5e Asimaar race are not always known for their good intentions, but you can trust them when it comes to fight for injustice. They are one race that will do whatever it takes to get justice when you get treated badly. They are human based creatures who were created from the holy union of species, thus they are said to be descendants of angels. The 5e asimaar race also unique for their talents like, celestial resistance, healing hand, charisma and many more.

DND 5e Bugbear

The Bugbear 5e are named after their physical attributes, that is their claws and noses that looks like that of a sloth bear. This creature shares the same physical attributes similar to that of a hairy goblin. They are known stand at an impressive 7 feet height. Also, the Bugbear are known for their powerful hand punches. The Bugbear have the ability to give knock-out punches with their purloined gear.

DND 5e Dragonborn

The Dragonborn 5e races are known descendants of dragons because they are born from hatched dragon eggs and have features that makes them unique. They can be found in different locations around the world. You can rightly say that they are humanoid but with the soul and heart of a dragon. When it comes to dangerous creatures in the Dungeons and dragons game, the Dragonborn race is known as one of the most dangerous race. Also, one other feature that makes the dragonborn race unique is their ability to speak the Dov language which helps them do the dragon shouts.

DND 5e Dwarf

DND 5e Dwarf race serve in kingdom enriched with ancient grandeur. The main areas of operation of the Dwarf 5e race are the blazing forges, mountain range and buried mines. Also, this race are known for their commitment to traditions and clans and don’t mind spending the rest of their lives doing this. Another thing that makes the Dwarf 5e race unique is their mining skills. They are known as metals and stone miners. Also, they have this common hate ORCS and Goblin races. Standing at a not so impressive height of 2 feet tall, but they can unite and deal deadly punches to their opponents.

DND 5e Elf

The DND ELF 5e race are known for many distinct attributes like their beauty and long life span. In fact, it is the Elf’s beauty and caring feature that makes the human race attracted to them. They are also grace and perfection they exude which makes them unique from other races. Also, the Elf 5e race are known live in places with heavenly and beautiful places. It is not surprising that they are found in silvery spires and ancient forests.

DND 5e Feral Tielfling

When it comes to physical beauty, the DND Tiefling 5e are not blessed with much of that. Little wonder they get constant insults from characters from other races. The Tiefling 5e are humanoids and belong to the plane touched category. They are one of the popular races in the Dungeons and Dragons came but that doesn’t remove the fact that they have evil ancestors. In fact, the reason for their bad looks is as a result of the fact that they are assumed to be born with the sins of their evil ancestors.

DND 5e Firblog

The Firblog 5e race are considered to be related to the Giant clan although they prefer stay on their own. Their prevalent occupation is farming but they prefer hunting and food gathering to that most times. Also, they Firblog 5e are not known as farm raiders which their species are known for. Finally, the Firblog prefer to stay in colonies and known as the most intelligent amongst their kins.  

DND 5e Genasi

Just like the Elves, the Genasi 5e are known for their beauty. The Genasi 5e is known to be born from a combination of mortals and genies. This race can stand their ground in the mortal world because of their magical powers and can adapt with elements of the entire material plane.  Some of the physical attributes that makes the Genasi unique are their bluish, reddish and greyish eye colors.

DND 5e Githyanki

The Githyankis race are humanoids with a slim physique and leather-like skin. They can be found on old planes. Githyanki 5e race can be said to be a fast and very attentive race. The tribe don’t recognize gender as both genders are trained ready for battle. The Githyanki race are also known for their powerful magic. If you are looking for a loyal tribe, the Githyanki can be very loyal as long as the course is a worthy one.  

DND 5e Goblin

If you watch movies where magic is used, then you will be family with Goblins. The Goblin 5e are goblinoids that are known for their greed and troubles. The Goblins are easily identified for their weird orange or green skin and their jet black hairs.

DND 5e Kenku

The Kenku 5e race are humanoid creatures has a birdlike physical attribute. One thing that makes the Kenku 5e race unique is their ability to be attentive and pick up distinct sounds. That is why they are best used to fight the burglars. Also, the Kenku 5e creatures are said to be haunted by the crimes they committed in ancient crimes when they had no wings. Myth has it that it was the King that gave them the wings to enable them perform some assignments for him. It is said that it is as a result of the curses from sins of the past that made them unable to fly although they have wings.

DND 5e Kobold

One thing about the Koblod 5e creatures is that, they have an aggressive nature. Not just that, they are also smart creatures too and always have a way to adapt with other creatures and cope with situations. This features gives them the strength to figure against any opponent. But you have to bear in mind that the Koblod 5e creatures have their weakness too.

DND 5e Lizardfolk

The Lizardfolk 5e have the resemblance of a giant lizard. They are known for their intelligence and their ability to follow their principles and rules quite strictly. Also, they are one race that are very loyal to their own race and can do anything for the survival of the race. The Lizardfold 5e can crush their enemies with their powerful jaws. It is best to mention that they are cold-blooded in nature.

DND 5e Half Orc

As their name goes, the half ORC are not fully of the ORC race. Rather, the race is born from a union of an ORC and a human. The half ORC tribe are known for their physical strength and agility. This can be said to be a character trait from both the human and the ORC tribe.

DND 5e Gnome

The Gnome 5e race are known for their enthusiastic nature. You can rightly refer to them as busybodies. They are one of the most common races in the Dungeons and Dragons and can be said to be one of the smallest races. The race have this communal spirit and love to stay in communities. You can always know you are around the 5e Gnome race from their loud noises and laughter. Standing at a not so impressive height of just 3 feet, the 5e Gnomes have devices ways to take advantage of their size when fighting bigger enemies. Also, their ability to create and invent new things also come as an advantage to them.

DND 5e Goliath

The Goliath 5e race are unique for their size and physical appearance that is somewhat similar to that of a mountain. It is not surprising that they live on top of mountains and have to face various challenges daily such as sourcing for food and water which is scare in their abode. The 5e Goliaths place much emphasis on personal skills and sufficiency since they know that even as much as a minor mistake can caught and irreparable harm to the tribe. You can always find the Goliaths roaming around the mountains and rocks because of their ability to adapt in harsh conditions.

DND 5e Half Elf

The Half Elf race being a product of the union before the Elf and human right can be said to be one of the most sophisticated race in the D and D game. That is because they inherit both the physical and emotional features of a human and an elf. They are ambitious, curious and inventors too. Also the half-elves love living the family life, so it won’t be surprising to find them living with their grandchildren. A half-elf tend to mature faster when they are raised by an elf and do attain adulthood in 20 years.  

DND 5e Halfling

The Halfling 5e race are known for their love for food, peace and most especially a home. The comfort of a home matters so much to a Halfling although some of them become nomads that travel in bands.

DND 5e Hobgoblin

The hobgoblin 5e stand out because of their size. They are known to be strong, smart and have large physical build. When you are talking about the stronger races in the Dungeon and Dragons games, the Hobgoblin make the top 5 but they are not as strong as the Bugbears.

DND 5e Human

This is one of the DND characters most players can relate to perfectly. The Humans 5e race are known for their ambitious, innovative character traits. They can rightly be called the pioneers of the Dungeons and Dragons game. 5e Humans are mostly found in Toril and other regions. Most times, their ambitions can be with negative intent and this makes other races to have this common hatred for them. This doesn’t affect their capacity to remain innovative and dominate other races.


The 5e ORC remains a threat to the civilized toril. They are humanoids and can form alliance with the human tribe to terrorize some civilized settlements. Although the half ORCs are not fully ORCs, but in some occasions, the hald –ORC can rise in rank to become the tribe’s chief.

DND 5e Tabaxi

The Tabaxi 5e has the combined feature of humans and cats. The cat-like features on the body of a Tabaxi includes, spots on their body, fur and yellow or green eyes. They are a mysterious race that migrated from a strange land. The 5e Tabaxi stands at an impressive height of 7 feet making them taller than the human race. Tabaxis are greet runners, climbers, swimmers and are flexible.

DND 5e Tortle

As their name implies, the Tortle 5e race have a turtle like physical features. They are known to be great farmers. Tortle race prefer to live a simple live and can be found on the Savage Coast of Mystara. They are naturally peace lovers but won’t hesitate to protect their territory against attacks and invaders. Tortle are great tankers. Click to Get Full Details

DND 5e Triton

The Triton 5e race are known as warriors of the deep oceans. That is not surprising since they hail from the Elemental plane of water and can be said to be the civilization of the ocean. The race is known for their strength and intelligence. Physically, the Tritons share more similarities with a fish than a human. The race are in good times with other amphibians like the hippocampi and sea lions.

DND 5e Warforged

The Warforged race was originally created as a war tool and created with the ability to adapt to any battlefield.  Little wonder they are classified as one of the strongest race of the D&D races. As a result of their troubled and battle-filled past, the warforged prefer to stay out of conflict and live a peaceful life.

DND 5e Yuan-ti Purebloods

The Yuan-Ti Purebloods were created in the early days of civilization. They have character and physical attributes that are a mixture of humans and snakes. Some of the snake-like physiques in the Yuan-Ti Purebloods 5e include their patches of scales, forked tongues and snake-like eyes. The Yuanti-Pureblood has known its intelligence, resistance, knowledge of the use of magic and also its sense of smell. They can pick up a scent from a far distance.

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