Abyssal is a primordial language that is written based on the Infernal language script. The language has been modified and twisted by the evil of the abyss and is spoken by demons and chaotic evil outsiders. It is a bastardized version of primordial and is a chaotic language that may be unpredictable and sound like random noises to those not familiar with it. Abyssal is hardly used in written texts but it can be written using a bastardized form of Infernal. Read on for more about this language spoken by evil beings known as demons.

D&D 5e Abyssal Language Alphabets

Below are the alphabets of the abyssal language, and as you can see they are much different from those of the English alphabet.

Letters of the English Alphabet:

a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Letters of the Abyssal Alphabet:

u r l w x p f t Xy h e q k s i j m y z d o b n c g n

Abyssal Language 5e


D&D 5e Abyssal Language Translator

If you are interested in converting your common texts to abyssal texts which are quite cool, you will find useful translators online. A very good one can be found at www.lingojam.com/DnDAbyssalTranslator. It was created based on the ”Ozkavosh”.

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What Language Do Demons Speak 5e?

Abyssal is the language spoken in the Abyss, a place where demons live. So abyssal is the language of demons. Some demons may be capable of speaking other languages in addition to abyssal.

What Does Abyssal Sound Like?

Abyssal is a chaotic language that may sound similar to sounds made by a barking dog and in some cases may be soft like droning ocean waves mingled with the noise of a swarm of angry hornets. Typically low ranking demons would speak in a rough manner sounding like a barking dog while elite demons would be more refined in their speech. This isn’t always the case as it is not unusual for a lowly bar-lgura to speak soothingly while an elite Balor speaks roughly. Generally abyssal is chaotic and unpredictable and to the unfamiliar ear may sound like random noises.

D&D 5e Demons

Demons are evil creatures that are usually chaotic. They are from one of the Fiendish Planes and are the most widespread of the fiends. Demons are a real menace and are not just evil, their true nature is indeed evil as they are born of it. They are native to the Abyss which is why their language is called Abyssal. Abyssal is a primordial language based on the Infernal script. Infernal itself is the language of devils.

So this marks a differentiation between demons and devils and also points to a sort of relationship between the two although there is no love lost between the two races. There are no known true demon rulers although some powerful demon lords and deities were able to control sizeable armies of demons. There are three main demon sub-races but some minor demon groups that do not fit into any of the three sub-races also exist.

Which Demons Speak Abyssal?

Almost every demon capable of speech speaks abyssal. This includes the main demon sub-races of Obyrith, Tanar’ri, and Loumara, as well as minority groups such as Ghour, Kazrith, Quasit, Shadow Demon, Shoosuva, Skulvyn, and Yochlol. Other demon groups like Bebilith, Maw Demon, and Retriever only understand abyssal but cannot speak.

Difference between Infernal and Abyssal

Both languages have similar text but that doesn’t mean a demon speaking abyssal will be understood by a devil and a devil speaking infernal will be understood by a demon. The written texts may be similar but may not mean the same things in both languages.


The language of demons, abyssal is a watered-down form of primordial language. It is chaotic and unpredictable and can be written using a bastardized form of Infernal script. It may sound like random noise to someone unfamiliar with the language.

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