Aasimar is a humanoid race with celestial ties. They are believed to have descended from celestials who were bound to earth after the hour-long godswar. Their origin is similar to that of tieflings. Aasimar is strikingly similar to humans and it would be near impossible to tell an aasimar apart from a true human under normal circumstances. Their true nature will shine only when required or when stressed as aasimar generally like to keep a low profile.

Aasimar is quite rare in 5e as the bloodline may be dormant for some generations only for two seemingly human parents to give birth to one. Aasimar is only able to breed with other aasimar who serve the same god. Aasimar births are usually celebrated as a good omen as every aasimar is born with a prophecy or a divine path to follow. This could be killing a great enemy or simply protecting the weak. Generally, they are good, but a few 5e aasimar can go rogue unleashing terror on others.

So you can have a Protector aasimar, Scourge aasimar, and Fallen aasimar. Each of which has a different ability score increase as you will find out later in this piece. As a race with celestial ties, every aasimar has a link to a specific angelic being except for Fallen aasimar who have deviated from their divine path.

As such, aasimar can take on forms of angelic beings and are one of a few races with magical abilities. This means they are capable of the extraordinary when channelling their innate abilities and have divine power to heal their allies and strike enemies.

Aasimar Race D&D 5E

Important Details about Aasimar D&D 5e

Type: Humanoid

Size: Medium. They have similar physical build as humans and may be indistinguishable from them.  

Lifespan & Maturity: Similar to humans but they can live up to 160 years.

Speed: They have a base walking speed of 30 ft.

Alignment: Generally, aasimar are good as they have ties with celestial beings but a few aasimar can be neutral or evil.

Ability score increase: Charisma is increased by +2

Vision: They have a radiant soul and so, are capable of Darkvision. They can see in low light, as far as 60ft as if it were bright light, and also in darkness as if it were dim light. They are unable to discern colour in darkness, except maybe some shades of grey.

Celestial Resistance: Resistant to both necrotic damage and radiant damage.

Healing Hands: As a race with ties to the celestial, they are capable of healing allies. Once this action is used, an aasimar will have to wait till after a long rest to do this again.

Light Bearer: Aasimar knows the Light cantrip and can cast this spell using Charisma.

Homelands: Unther and Mulhorand

Languages: They can speak, read and write both Common and Celestial.

Sub-races: Protector, Scourge, and Fallen

Aasimar Sub-races

The aasimar race has three sub-races as mentioned under background above, and you can select any of them for your game character. This is because every aasimar is born with a path to follow as reflected by their sub-race. Each sub-race is discussed below. Some traits and abilities are specific to each sub-race as you will find out below.

Protector Aasimar

This sub-race as their name suggests are charged with protecting the weak and vulnerable. They rise up to defeat evil whenever it rises. Protector aasimar may have descended from angels formed by Etos and Udea (gods of peace and vitality respectively)

Protector Aasimar Traits/Abilities D&D 5e

Ability Score Increase (ASI): Wisdom is increased by +1

Radiant Soul: A protector aasimar can radiate divine energy from within themselves beginning from level 3. This causes their eyes to glimmer and also two luminous incorporeal wings to sprout from their back. This transformation can last a minute or until you end it yourself as a bonus action.

When activated, you have the flying ability at a speed of 30 ft. and on each turn, you can deal extra radiant damage to a target with a spell or attack. The extra radiant damage you can deal is equal to your level. Once Radiant Soul is used, a long rest must be completed before you can use it again.

2.Scourge Aasimar

This aasimar sub-race have divine energy blazing intensely within them. It fuels their desire to combat evil. Many from this sub-race wear masks to block the world out and focus on containing their power. On the battlefield, however, they unmask to allow the enemy to feel the full wrath of their power. Scourge aasimar may be descendants of Sifor and Hilo (god of the sun and god of flight respectively).

Scourge Aasimar Traits/ Abilities D&D 5e

Ability Score Increase (ASI): Constitution is increased by +1

Radiant Consumption: A scourge aasimar can also use their action to unleash divine energy from within themselves, causing a searing light to radiate from within them. This light pouring out of their mouth and eyes will even threaten to char them. This ability is unlocked from level 3 and once activated will only last a minute or less if you choose to end it as a bonus action.

Once activated, a Scourge aasimar will shed bright light within a 10 ft. radius, while also shedding dim light within an additional 10 ft. radius. At the end of each of its turns, the transformed scourge aasimar and every creature within 10 ft. of it will take radiant damage equal to half of the aassimar’s level. The aasimar can deal extra radiant damage equal to its level to one target on each turn. A long rest must be completed before this trait can be reused.

3.Fallen Aasimar

An aasimar whose inner light has been replaced by shadow as a result of being touched by the dark powers in their youth or an early adulthood aasimar who turns to evil becomes a Fallen aasimar.

Fallen Aasimar Traits/Abilities D&D 5e

Ability Score Increase (ASI): Strength is increased by +1

Necrotic Shroud: Fallen aasimar use their action to unleash divine energy within themselves. This is unlocked from level 3. It causes their eyes to turn into pools of darkness and also causes two skeletal, ghostly, flightless wings to emerge from their back. Once transformed, other creatures within 10 ft. of a fallen aasimar must succeed on a Charisma saving throw or become frightened of the aasimar until the end of its next turn.

This transformation can only last a minute or less if you choose to end it as a bonus action. On each turn, you can deal extra necrotic damage equal to your level to one target when you deal damage to it with a spell or attack. You must complete a long rest after using a necrotic shroud before it can be used again.

What Does An Aasimar D&D 5e Look Like?

They look just like humans except for a few minor differences owing to their celestial ties. These differences may go unnoticed. Most members of this race have grey, pale white, or golden eyes without pupil and they also have silver hair.

Depending on the lineage of the aasimar, minor physical differences exist. Aasimar from the Avoral lineage have a mixture of feather and hair and look more like earthly humans than their Planetar relatives who have emerald skin. Those from Ghaeles are equipped with pearly opalescent eyes while those with Couti heritage have iridescent scales. Solar-descended aasimar have bright topaz eyes and either silvery or golden skin.

Aasimar Guides

Every aasimar except those that have turned to evil have ties to an angelic being. These beings are known as deva and they guide the aasimar. This relationship is not physical as the two creatures only meet in dreams. The deva only guides the aasimar and does not command it so the aasimar is free to do its own bidding. Below are devas you can choose from and the nature of each.

Angelic Guide (Deva)                                                       Nature

Tadriel                                                                               Bookish and Lecturing

Myllandra                                                                Compassionate and hopeful

Seraphina                                                                 Practical and Light-hearted

Galladia                                                                   Fierce and Vengeful

Mykiel                                                                               Stern and Judgemental

Valandras                                                                Kind and parental

Aasimar Personality

Aasimar are generally good beings but tend to be misunderstood. They are charged with combating evil and maintaining law and order in the human world. They love to keep a low profile and would wear hoods and closed helms and also carry other items to help conceal their identity. They are wise and intelligent beings who stay vigilant about their surroundings.

Aasimar Names

Aasimar usually has human names as they are often born to human parents. Some may have angelic names to reflect their celestial ties. Some examples of aasimar names are given below.

Male Aasimar Names: Rokir, Eirril, Bearnail, Ikront, Vyggil, Weltun, Verwam, Agrir, Irel, Bagir

Female Aasimar Names: Thiosla, Hanro, Drivo, Idiza, Osrer, Dreamni, Irsoli, Leasri, Ise, Zisle


Aasimar D&D 5e race offers you a whole lot of possibilities as you can get creative with your character. These beings have celestial ties and roam this world as law guardians, protecting the weak & vulnerable, as well as fighting evil.

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