Command 5e Spell Guide

With the ominous threat of war, dangers, and havoc-wreaking here and there in the dungeons and dragons game, every party member would kill just to wield the Command Spell. You just have to say a one-word command to a creature that is within your sight range. This target must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw … Read more

Witch Bolt 5e Spell

There are a plethora of spells in the Dungeons and Dragons games. These spells come in handy in times of need. It could be that a party member is injured and needs healing, it could be to undo a spell that caused damage to you or a party member. Whatever the situation is, spells are … Read more

Paladin 5e Guide

So a friend of mine was creating a campaign and he was going to use a Paladin. What he said when it came to his mind was “Holiness mingled with havoc wrecking”. I paused for a while so that the statement will sink in. It really did make sense. If you are new to the … Read more

Understanding Disguise Self 5e

What you don’t know, You can’t ruin! The Dungeons and Dragons game is a wonderful game in the sense that there is a lot of flexibility in it. You can create your monsters and name them. You can create your campaigns, choose languages, etc. What’s the gist? There is a way around any obstacle. The … Read more

Understanding Bless 5e spell

The Bless 5e spell is a very powerful spell in the hands of a very good spell caster. However, you cannot do much with it if you do not know your way around it. In this article, we will be teaching you about the Bless Spell and how to use it like a pro What … Read more

Understanding Greater Restoration 5e

The Dungeons and Dragons game is a pretty interesting game. One in which danger lurks and you’re never sure what to expect. There are hundreds of monsters that may do you harm and terminate your campaign even before you’re even started. This is why you need someone in your campaign who has the power and … Read more


You probably have heard about wolves before. How lethal they can be and how focused their prey is when they hunt. Whatever you have heard of wolves should be multiplied so as to grasp what the Dire wolf looks like. The Dire wolf is not your regular wolf. What is a Dire wolf? A Dire … Read more


If you have been playing the Dungeons and Dragons games, you will agree with me that spells are indispensable. However, there are spells that are not mandatory for a player to use. You can only choose those spells if you feel like you could use them. On the other hand, there are spells that are … Read more


As their name implies, the D&D Tortle 5e race has turtle-like physical features. They are known to be great farmers. Tortle race prefers to live a simple life and can be found on the Savage Coast of Mystara. They are naturally peace lovers but won’t hesitate to protect their territory against attacks and invaders. Tortles … Read more


The Beholder is such an iconic D&D monster. “All I want is to run into an ‘eye of the beholder, and I’ll be happy.” The beholder is an aberration—a magically summoned creature of extraplanar origin—with a hateful, avaricious, and territorial temperament. It has little purpose in life beyond guarding its chosen turf. Though not strong, it has … Read more