Sending Spell 5e

Information is very key to us. It is one of the very core of our existence. It cannot be overemphasized. If you are not informed you will definitely be deformed. So, not only in the real world but also in the Dungeons and Dragons game.  Let us paint a picture for you about why you … Read more

Understanding Identify Spell 5e

It is not at all times that we know for sure what we do. Sometimes we decide to take a leap of faith while sometimes we don’t have the luxury of chances to do just that. During your Dungeons and Dragon’s games, there are a plethora of instances where you would need to check out … Read more

Understanding Shatter 5e Spell

Believe it or not, thunderous sound instills fear in many creatures. The shatter of sounds makes any creature’s hearts sink within them even before going into real combat. According to sources, the sound of shelling and bombing killed a lot of people during the world war even before the war came to their doorstep. The … Read more

Toll the Dead 5e Guide

The Toll the Dead Spell in the Dungeons and Dragons games is more like the “Bring out your dead” scene in the Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It is less of a damaging spell. If you are more concerned about the aesthetics of the D&D games rather than the damage dealing, this spell is … Read more

Phantasmal Force 5e

Sometimes it is not all about fighting, it is all about Victory. If you ask me, the end justifies the means. The Dungeons and Dragons game is a multi-faceted game that requires a certain level of intelligence and mental work to succeed. If you cannot dominate enemies by your strength, you should be able to dominate them … Read more

Detect Thoughts 5e Guide

What you don’t know you can’t ruin! The heart of creatures is filled with evil continually, who can know it? This is a very popular saying. However, it is true. You cannot ruin a plan if you don’t know the plan. The ability to know what a creature is thinking would be a very important … Read more

Understanding Pass Without Trace 5e

There are many instances where the Pass without traces comes in handy in the Dungeons and Dragons game. We will give you one of such use cases. You and your members are coming back from a vicious war. You have fought to the extent that you no longer have the strength within you to challenge … Read more

Chill Touch 5e Guide

The Dungeons and Dragons game is one that is very tricky and as such needs you to be on top of your game at all times. While playing the game, different classes use what is available to them to deal damages to their enemies. The target is victory. However, not all classes can proficient in … Read more

Misty Step 5e Guide: How to Use Misty Step?

Let us begin by creating a scenario of why you may want to use the Misty Step spell and how handy it will be on rainy days. You and your party members engaged in tough combat and things did not go well. Now you’re running back to safety. Of course, we live to fight another … Read more

Banishment 5e Guide: How Does it work?

Spells are a life-saver in the Dungeons and Dragons game. They are very fundamental to the game and are indispensable when planning your campaigns. In this article, we will discuss the Banishment spell. We will expound your knowledge on how to properly use the spell and explore the best use cases. What is a Banishment … Read more